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Suido's Mountains Trails

5 days excursion (4 nights).

Rutas ecuestres del Camino de SantiagoDay 1º. Picking up in Vigo Airport. Reception and accommodation in our guesthouse O Castelo, in Pontecaldelas (Pontevedra).

Day 2º. Ascension to Castrelada Mount viewpoint, from where can be seen the villages and valleys of the region. Afert it descend into the valley of Carballedo. Lunch at a quaint restaurant. After lunch we will visit traditional villages, returning to our facilities over the 19 hours. Accommodation.


Day 3º. Departure to Caritel riding across the river Verdugo, visiting the parish church and atrium. We passed through towns like La Lama, Antas, toward the Pilgrimage shrines (festival). Lunch in the pilgrimage. After lunch we went to Giesta, La Grifa, Los Prados.

CascadaDay 4º. Out on horseback from “Los Prados” to Suido mountains, which separates the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra, immersed in large groves, visiting various shrines and monuments. In the Suido mountains are located in the herds of horses and wild cows and a lot of eagles, wolves, foxes, etc.

Day 5º. Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport and end of our services.