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History of The Portuguese Way

St. James preached in Spain following Jesus Christ mandates. It is said that during his stay there, the Virgin had appeared on the river Ebro.Santiago Apostol

Later he returned to Palestine where he was beheaded by Herod Agrippa (42 AD) being the first apostle martyred for their faith.

His disciples shipped his body and sailed to Galicia, burying him in a place where he later was build the Cathedral of Santiago, which in become a pilgrimage place for Christianity.

In 859 (during the Arab occupation of Spain) a small army instructed the Holy Christian before going into battle and defeated a large army consisting of thousands of Arab men. Since then St. James became the protector of the Christian forces in the reconquest against the Moors.

From this reunification, after fighting Islam, the Spanish Kingdom was borne, which Saint James It is a Major Patron.

Mapa historiaAfter that a serie of routes was made that lead to the basilica of the apostle. Santos, kings, knights, burghers, craftsmen and farmers, with or without procession, on foot or horseback approached to Compostela. Paths of piety and culture, the various itineraries that integrate Jacobean routes proved instrumental in shaping the European spirit, by sharing life forms, thought, languages and techniques.

Europe’s Council gave to the Camino de Santiago in 1987, the title of first European Cultural Route, and later Cultural Heritage of Humanity.